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NFL Draft Media talks about the Tennessee Titans

What did Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis have to say about the Titans draft choices.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans fans rarely get to hear positive things from the media, which is why this episode of Path to the Draft stood out. Here, Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis outlined what the Titans could do with the second overall pick and what they thought the best course of action was.

The two looked at four ideas on what the Titans could do realistically (well, at least based on rumors). They talked about trading up to get Jameis Winston, drafting Leonard Williams outright, drafting Marcus Mariota outright, and trading for Phillip Rivers from the San Diego Chargers.

Here is how they ranked those options:

1. Trade for Phillip Rivers

2. Draft Leonard Williams

3. Draft Marcus Mariota

4. Trade up for Jameis Winston

That looks like what I would have said if I was given those options. Rivers could last an extra two or three years in Tennessee behind an offensive line that should be much more solid this year. Everyone knows how Rivers thrived with Whisenhunt and how this destination seems to fit for everyone.

It surprises me to see Leonard Williams higher than Marcus Mariota for Daniel Jeremiah because one a recent podcast he endorsed him as a player worthy of a top pick. However, there is a lot being made of how Marcus Mariota doesn't fit into Ken Whisenhunt's offensive scheme. I'm not sure I agree considering how the best game of the year (Week 1 against KC) involved a running QB against one of the toughest defenses in football.

All in all I think these are the most possible options involving the second overall pick (and not talking about trading down for more picks). I think that the Titans are going to have a lot of options on draft day and the fact that NFL Network is talking about the Phillip Rivers trade makes me think maybe it is more legitimate than previously thought.

Ultimately it comes down to is Marcus Mariota a fit for Whisenhunt. If he is, then they Titans won't need to trade for a veteran or draft a 5-tech. If not, then the draft gets a little harder.