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Post NFL Free Agency needs: offense

Where the Titans still need help.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans did a great job filling holes in free agency, but there are still places where they can get better if they want to be competitive in the short term, as well as in the long term.

With the Titans out of the market until after the draft, here is what I have as the Titans top needs on offense:

1. Wide Receiver

Harry Douglas is going to be a great slot player for the Titans if he can get back into his old rhythm with Tight Ends Coach Mike Mularkey. Other than that, the Titans are still at least one starter short of a average/above average group of wide receivers.

Justin Hunter is full of potential, but he will have to prove it to Titans fans after two bad years, so that really only leaves Kendall Wright as the only above average receiver on the roster. This need is diminished a little bit by Delanie Walker's ability to be a game changer in the passing game, but it is still the top offensive need.

2. Right Tackle

Even if the Titans start Byron Stingily, it almost can't be worse than what happened last year at the position. With Michael Oher gone, it seems to be addition by subtraction on the offensive line and hopefully this group can get a guy like T.J. Clemmings in the draft or Joe Barksdale in the next wave of free agency.

3. Quarterback

I think that Mettenberger has a lot of great qualities which is why QB is far down this list. The Titans never gave Mettenberger a chance last year with the way that OL was riddled with injuries. Outside of offensive line issues, he also never really had anyone to consistently throw to except Nate Washington and Delanie Walker.

If Mettenberger is going to succeed (which is still very much a possibility) he needs to be leaned on less and he needs to be given more weapons.