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2015 NFL Draft Grades: What they are saying about the Titans and Marcus Mariota

Who doesn't love premature NFL Draft grades?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco of CBS was grading the picks as they happened tonight.  He was not a huge fan of the Tennessee Titans selection of Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.  He gave the pick a C-.  Here were his comments on the pick:

Why? Why not take the best defensive player in the draft? What if Mariota doesn´t beat out Zach Mettenberger?

Well, Pete, you don't take the best defensive player in the draft becuase you believe that this guy is a franchise quarterback. Look, I am not convinced that Mariota will be great. I think he has a chance to be good, but I wouldn't call it a sure thing by any means.

With that being said, the Titans reportedly turned down a huge haul to take Mariota. They clearly believe that he is going to be their guy for the next decade. That is why you pass on the best defensive player in the draft. It is actually a no-brainer.

You also aren't afraid that Zach Mettenberger will beat him out in camp because The Mett Show isn't that good. He has some good attributes, but he fell to the 6th round for a reason. Now, if he does beat him out, then you have a problem.