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Tennessee Titans News Links: Draft Day


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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the day we've all been waiting for folks. Who will the Titans take?

Jon Gruden says Mariota is the best QB in this draft. I agree 100% Paul Kuharksy says that if the Titans draft Marcus, then there will not be a chance that he is traded afterwards.

Titans can draft a QB, another player, or they can trade back. Obviously those are the only scenarios unless we didn't send in a pick.

Wyatt says it's either Winston, Mariota or trade. Most mock drafts say that the Titans will select Mariota.

The Titans will have a lot of good options at pick 33. Glennon outlines some of those possibilities here.

Would the Titans select either Randy Gregory or would they select Shane Ray?

Like every other pick in the draft, the number two overall selection has had some great picks, and some really terrible ones as well. Which kind will the Titans have?