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Dante Fowler Jr. to visit the Titans

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

MY BOY, Dante Fowler, Jr., the EDGE rusher from the University of Florida told the MMQB that he is going to pay a pre-draft visit to the Tennessee Titans.  I have made no secret that Fowler is my favorite defender in this draft.  His tape shows that he can play with power, and the numbers he put up at the combine show you the speed element to his game.  He is going to make the team that takes him very happy for a lot of years.

It is pretty tough to predict where he is going to go in the draft.  The Titans aren't going to take him at 2, but what happens at 2 will go a long way in determining where he goes.  If the Titans take Leonard Williams, Fowler could come off the board as early as the next pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It is hard to envision any scenario where he falls out of the top 6, however.