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Between The Posts: Smoke and Mirrors

Trade rumors aren't in short supply these days...

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I can scarce remember an offseason in which the Titans were so talked-about. I only wish it was for a different reason than our lofty draft position, but alas, it is interesting all the same. The last 12 hours were particularly busy as far as the media are concerned. Trade rumors regarding the #2 overall pick were abundant; with both the Eagles, Browns, and Chargers apparently being in the mix. I honestly believe very little of what is being said at the moment, especially the report that stated that the Cleveland Browns offered both their first rounders already to the Titans in order to secure a jump up the draft board.

While we also have to take what the Titans brass says as well, they seem pretty comfortable with taking the best player available at that coveted draft spot, and at this point I have to assume that it's going to be a guy like Marcus Mariota or Leonard Williams. I also happen to be supportive of either of these moves, but that's another matter entirely. The discussion will no doubt heat up even more tomorrow before the first pick is announced.

That said, even with all this buzz, I doubt the Titans do anything more than submit their draft card when the time comes, and walk away with the player they've known they were going to select for the last month. A crazy haul of picks could be on offer, but it would be a surprise if a deal actually reached fruition.