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NFL Draft 2015 Trade Rumors: The Cleveland Browns offer picks 12 and 19 to Titans

The NFL Draft trade rumors are flying today. The latest one involves the Cleveland Browns sending two first round picks to the Tennessee Titans for the #2 pick.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There was a report on SportsCenter earlier today that the Cleveland Browns have offered picks #12 and 19 to the Tennessee Titans for the #2 pick in the draft.  It is no secret that the Browns are searching for a quarterback.  They reportedly offered at least one first round pick to the St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles for Sam Bradford.  It is also no secret that picks 12 and 19 are not going to be enough to move up to 2.  The Titans would probably also want at least a 3 and maybe a 4 this year.

It should be noted that Paul Kuharsky says he has a source that says there is no such offer from the Browns.  Take that for whatever it is worth.

Things are going to start moving quickly now.  You can believe that Titans GM Ruston Webster is on the phone with other teams telling them about this offer to see if they are willing to beat it.