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Tennessee Titans News Links: Smoke or Nah?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans talked at a press conference at length about Mariota and Winston. Trevor did a great job breaking down the press conference, and you can watch it here. I think they are being genuine, but again, who knows. Hopefully Tampa takes Winston so we don't have the choice of picking him (a decision that would turn out to be a huge mistake) and can get the superior player in Mariota.

Bucky Brooks isn't buying the smoke. He says the Titans select Leonard Williams.

Paul Kuharsky looks back at selecting Chance Warmack. Despite him turning into a very good guard, the Titans could have had Sheldon Richardson.

The Titans have named their draft room after a guy who helped shape some of the evaluators making the decisions now.

Easy decision to pick up Kendall Wright's fifth year option. EZ.

You can go to LP Field to watch the draft. FOR FREE.

Climer believes the extreme and that the Titans just lied to everyone about their evals on the QBs.

Wyatt thinks the Titans take one of the two QBs.