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Tennessee Titans Pre-Draft Press Conference Recap

What were the Titans willing to offer up?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While you will typically not get much at press conferences two days before the draft, there was actually some fairly substantial information in the Titans' pre-draft presser. It is important to sift though, and find the real meat in these things. A lot of media members posted some of the highlights.

Ruston Webster did not sound very interested in trading the number 2 overall pick. There has a been a good amount of talk from the media about a possbility of a trade, but it appears that all signs point to the Titans staying put. Webster stated that "we like 2," and reinforced something that he said earlier this month about it not being an exceptionally deep class in the first round. This must be considered when evaluating trades.How far can your trade back if a mid-first round pick isn't much different than what the team would take at 33?

Once again, Ken Whisenhunt began to gush over Marcus Mariota. Not only did he combat arguments from outsiders about the "simplicity" of Oregon's scheme, but he also mentioned that the team gave him a book to study, which was then translated over to the Titans' offense for the two to go over on his official visit. It is not clear if the team did the same for Jameis Winston.

This is very important. A lot of the talk his been about Ken Whisenhunt's "inflexibility," so for Whisenhunt to say that they would adjust to Mariota should make Titans fans feel more comfortable, if they are not already, with Marcus Mariota.

When asked about Zach Mettenberger in relation to the Quarterbacks in the draft, Whisenhunt was very noncommittal. While giving mainly general statements, he really could not say more than "We like Zach." It did not sound like a man willing to bet his job on him.

It is fairly safe to say that the Philip Rivers rumors are all but dead. By all accounts, the Titans have not even stuck their toes in the water on this front. Adding an old, leftover, Quarterback to a 2-14 team would not be beneficial.

Overall, this press conference was all about the Quarterbacks. The Titans did absolutely nothing to throw cold water on the speculation about drafting a Quarterback with pick 2, either. As a matter of fact, Ruston Webster ended by saying  that a franchise Quarterback supersedes everything else, which is undoubtedly true. If the Titans believe one of the top two Quarterbacks can be that, they don't need to explore any other options, which from the tone of this press conference, seems exactly like what is going on.