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Tennessee Titans News Links: Tiering it Up

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Bucky Brooks tiers the players in the draft. He speaks on the depth and talent at the wide receiver position. The Titans need to grab one of those guys. He talks about DGB and Devante Parker. Those guys are two of my favorite players in the draft.

Cris Collinsworth talks about Marcus Mariota and says that the Titans should draft him at #2 overall.

What are some of the biggest hits and misses in Titan draft history? Steve McNair is undoubtedly one of the best picks, and Jake Locker is one of the worst.

Mariota is more polished, better equipped to play, right away than Jameis Winsotn says Cosell compares Winston to Cutler. I think that comparison is very accurate. He also compares Mariota to Tannehill, which is a comp I really don't hate, and agree with parts, but Mariota's deep ball accuracy is much better, and more on par with A-A-Ron Rodgers.

Lots of people believe the Titans will take Mariota or trade the 2nd pick. One guy thinks the Titans take Kevin White. Kevin White is really good at football, but he doesn't have the impact Mariota would have in changing the fate of the franchise.

What will it take to trade the 2nd overall pick? A kings ransom.

Get hype.