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Between The Posts: The Big Day

It has been a long waiting period...

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This NFL draft has been widely talked about, argued about, and meticulously dissected. This is especially amplified for Titans fans this Summer, due to their draft position and the players available. I don't recall a time when Tennessee was as much in the spotlight as they have been in recent months. A lot of this talk has been centered around the two top QBs available, with most assuming that the Titans would be foolish to ignore that need with such talent available to them at #2.

Is it Mariota? Trading back to pick up some coveted additional first rounders? Or should they shock the world and just take Williams at 2? Either way, Thursday will bring a merciful end to the out-of-control speculation and debate.

The decision will no doubt shape the Titans fortunes for the next few years (for good or bad), and Ruston Webster knows he can't afford to slip up. Thursday can't come soon enough.