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Tennessee Titans News Links: Imminent?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans need a QB from the first round says Jim Wyatt. Either Rivers or Mariota says Wyatt. Again, this is a 180 from when he said the pick would certainly be Leonard Williams. He says the Titans need to add a RT, WR, RB, and QB. That is a lot of offense.

Wyatt also says the Titans need to add another OLB and CB. SO that is 6 positions, and we have 7 picks. All 7 are more than likely to not be starters right away, so we really need to hit on the first 4 at least, maybe save RB for the 5th round.

Paul Kuharksy's Sunday mailbag includes questions on the prestigious Hagan.

In the Saturday mailbag, Paul Kuharsky stands strong that he wants to trade the pick and draft a wide receiver.

Hakeem Nicks adds competition to a bad WR group. He is probably the 2nd best receiver instantly, and probably the starter at the X.