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Between The Posts: Titanic Help Needed

The Titans aren't short on needs...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft on the proverbial doorstep, the Titans have a lot to address before they open the season. So before the draft, we can take a look at the roster with an objective eye and assess the positions that the good guys can't afford to ignore.

The weak spots can be classified into three groups (for the sake of our evaluation anyway): Primary; the spots that absolutely have to be augmented or even entirely overhauled for the team to win football games. Secondary; positions that take a back seat to the big holes on the roster, but still need to be addressed in the near future. And Tertiary; positions the Titans could upgrade but could do without changing.

Primary Needs:


This is by far the most polarizing need on the roster. Some are comfortable with Mettenberger, and others insist that he is not the answer. With Mariota likely available to the Titans, a big decision has to be made.

Right Tackle:

Signing Byron Bell shows that the Titans know they have a need at RT. It doesn't confirm that they have learned their "Michael Other" lesson though. The team still lacks a starter at the spot, and can't afford to leave Chicago without additional help here.

Defensive Tackle:

The Titans were apalling defending the run last year, and lacked some dynamism up front. The team also struggled at linebacker with the exception of Derrick Morgan and Avery Williamson, so it was hard to assess performances objectively. The Titans need some additional strength at the point of attack. The current guys up front haven't changed since last season, and you know what they say about trying the same thing over and over...

Secondary Needs

Running Back:

The Titans hoped that this would have been sufficiently answered last season with the selection of Bishop Sankey. However, a combination of putrid blocking and lackluster running makes this a spot the team has to answer to some degree this Summer. With Shonn Greene out of favor, the team will need a new dimension in the backfield.

Wide Receiver:

Justin Hunter is looking less and less like the answer. GM Ruston  ebster wont want to pin his hopes on the Tennessee product turning it on in year 3. Kendall Wright remains the only proven weapon on the roster out wide. Big bodied pass catchers, please apply.

Outside Linebacker:

The Titans fell apart at outside linebacker last season, with terrible seasons from both Shawn Phillips (cut) and Kamerion Wimbley. The team needs to add some additional weapons to supplement Derrick Morgan. The team needs to get off the field on third down, and that means rushing the passer and remaining tight in covering the underneath zones.

Tertiary Needs:


Oh, and PR/KR...because Ken Whisenhunt.