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Wyatt: Todd Gurley Visited The Tennessee Titans

Titans look at another offensive player

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jim Wyatt, the Titans brought University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley in for an official visit. Gurley is an extraordinary talent, who is very likely to be drafted in the first round, despite tearing his ACL last season. Some say that he is the best running back prospect to come out since Adrian Peterson.

Ruston Webster said a couple of weeks ago that the Titans would be leaning towards an "offensive draft." This makes sense, because the team already added a number of defensive starters in free agency, while there is still a lot of uncertainty on the other side of the ball. By looking at some of the reported official visits, the team's actions certainly seem to be matching their words. The team has looked at a lot of offensive players towards the upper end of the draft, while looking at more mid-round defensive prospects, who will likely be added for depth purposes.

As far as running back is concerned, the Titans should probably add one. While it probably will not be Gurley, it is good news that the Titans are interested in running backs. Not only does Bishop Sankey have a lot of questions after an underwhelming rookie season, but Shonn Greene will likely not be on the opening day roster.

An effective running game will be essential for the Titans to have any success on offense this season, no matter who is under center. While Gurley may not be the answer here, the Titans need to be exploring every option. Hopefully Todd Gurley's visit is an indication that they are doing just that.