Does Getting Mariota really make sense? Some thoughts on why it doesn't.

Here goes something that I wanted to throw out there, that I don't know has been mentioned all that much. Let's consider that last year was the first year of this regime and the first year that Whisenhunt was involved in the drafting process for this team. In an effort to not only evaluate Jake Locker but to consider alternative options, especially in the likely event that Jake Locker got hurt (which he did), then the team thought it was important enough to draft Zach Mettenberger. Now, let's consider this, drafting a QB that late in the draft, and expecting him to stay as a QB in the NFL is rare, but being a potential starter is even more rare, but as the season went on last year, with injuries piling up and the team well out of any type of contention for the playoffs, this team elected to put Zach Mettenberger out there to determine if he was the possible franchise QB.

Now I sit back and look at this time that Zach Mettenberger was the starting QB and there are a few thoughts that I think had to have happened and maybe happening now:

  1. Was the team in a position, given the amount of injuries, and the point of the season where there was very little to play for, to fairly evaluate him?
  2. In the first year of being a head coach, if you go and draft a QB and subsequently start him with the expectation that he could potentially be a permanent answer at that position, shouldn't you give him more time than 7 games before you decide if he is the answer or not?
  3. If you draft a QB with the #2 pick, what did you gain by drafting Mettenberger and/or playing him last year?

These are just some of the thoughts that I have had with this process. Overall, I think drafting another QB would be a poor reflection on this regime because it automatically bring into question that perhaps you are not very good at evaluating talent. If you draft a guy, deem him a possible franchise QB, and then after starting 6 games, go get another QB, then in my opinion, your decision making should be questioned. I understand the need to get another QB because we clearly need one with Locker gone, but to draft a QB with such a high pick seems like a slap in the face to this fan base and doesn't give me a lot of confidence that this regime knows what they are doing. If anything I believe they really do believe in Mettenberger, they see talent and they will do what they can to build around him. What are your thoughts? Do you believe this team has really seen enough to walk away from Mettenberger being the starter or do you think they are committed to developing him?