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Todd McShay NFL Mock Draft 5.0: Titans and Marcus Mariota

ESPN's own Todd McShay has come out with his 5th NFL mock draft of the mock draft season.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Todd McShay of has released his 5th mock draft (In$ider).  He has the Tennessee Titans taking Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon....again.  I told Trevor last night that I think there is a 2% chance that the Titans actually draft Mariota.  I don't know exactly what is going to happen, but they aren't taking the former Duck. Book it!

Here is what McShay had to say about the pick:

This is a tough pick to make. If the Titans don't receive a trade offer they like at this spot, I feel like they're more likely to take a player other than Mariota (USC's Leonard Williams would be a perfect fit in Ray Horton's hybrid 3-4/4-3 defensive scheme). But I'll slot Mariota here in accordance with the Mel Kiper "no trades" mock draft rule, with the idea that I believe a team will move up to take him at No. 2. The Chargers trading Philip Rivers for the second pick makes sense if they don't think they can retain Rivers beyond this year, especially given Rivers' experience with Tennessee head coach Ken Whisenhunt. I consider the Jets another possibility, and I'm not yet ready to rule out the Eagles moving up to take him. Chip Kelly thinks really highly of Mariota, he's a perfect fit for his system and the trio of Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow is far from a sure thing from a durability and on-field performance standpoint. I also think the Rams are a long-shot candidate to move up for Mariota.

The Jets are an interesting team that hasn't been mentioned much. They have the 6th pick in the draft. The Titans could move back there, still get a really good player, and pick up an extra second and third or an extra one next year.