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Tennessee Titans News Links: Weighed, Measured, and Found...

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky looks at the Titans schedule this upcoming year and predicts that they will finish 5-11. Obviously the Titans haven't even finished adding to their roster. They haven't even had a practice with coaches, but still, that record is lacking. Paul Kuharksy says in his predictions that the Titans will certainly be terrible on offense, with their defense keeping them in games.

The regular season schedule has been announced and week one could be an interesting matchup between the top two picks, and potentially the top two QBs in a rematch of the Rose Bowl.

The Titans are all amped to play for Dick LeBeau. I'll be amped when they figure out how to stop the run.

Jon Gruden thinks that Mariota can fit the Titans, and he's right.

I really hate the week 4 bye, but it isn't like we can change that.

Just read former Titan's President, Tommy Smith's comment on Ken Whisenhunt calling plays. This is why we stink.