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Tennessee Titans News Links: Good To Be Back

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Smells like team spirit.
Smells like team spirit.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Jurrell Casey and Leonard Williams texted each other a bit, really just talking about the draft process. Jurrell Casey signed an incredibly team friendly deal and I am so excited that he is a Titan long term. He also sweats buckets during this interview.

Another guy I am so glad he's a Titan is Delanie Walker. Easily the best FA we've signed in the past 5 years, he talks with the media.

My favorite free agent signing this year (along with Searcy) is Brian Orakpo, who talks with the media for the first time as a Titan.

Anthony Fasano is a really good low key by the Titans this offseason. He should be solid depth at the position, and he's a good all around TE. The Titans were really snakebitten by TE injuries last year, so having 4 deep on the depth chart is nice.

Tomlinson talks about Phillip Rivers and how he doesn't think ol' Phil will be the Chargers QB this season.

Whiz is preaching that the Titans should not dwell on the past.

Orakpo can be an absolute game changer, he wants to improve with the Titans.