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NFL Mock Draft 2015: The Consensus for the Tennessee Titans

The consensus among the NFL mock drafts for the Titans has flipped from Marcus Mariota to Leonard Williams.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost here.  In fact, after today there is only one more Monday before the actual draft.  That's the best news ever.  For today, Dan Kadar looked at 20 different mock drafts and put together a consensus.  Whoever those mocks had a team taking the majority of the time is who Kadar slotted for that team.

The consensus for the Titans, of course, was Marcus Mariota with 65%.  Leonard Williams was next with 35%.  Here is what Kadar had to say:

The lean for Tennessee has now become Mariota, but often it has a caveat. A few mock drafters think Mariota goes No. 2, but they don’t necessarily think it will be the Titans with the pick. Since I went with 20 mocks that have no trades, though, Mariota is the overwhelming choice for Tennessee.

Remember that scene in The Office when Pam was in labor but didn't want to go to the hospital because she was trying to wait until midnight? Jim is talking to the camera and he says, "I'm not crazy. She's crazy." That's what I feel like with all of this Mariota to the Titans stuff. The public is buying what Ken Whisenhunt and company are selling on Mariota. I'm not. Maybe I am the crazy one, but I feel like Jim Halpert here.