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Between The Posts: Making Them Count

The Tennessee Titans need a slam dunk draft.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After looking over the roster, its clear that the Tennessee Titans still have a lot of holes to remedy. Even with several pieces to shore up the squad, offensive tackle, defensive tackle, cornerback, and wide receiver have to be viewed as fairly big needs. Many would also argue that QB is the biggest need, especially when you're sitting at pick #2.

Beyond the team's decision in the first round, they have some equally important decisions to make. Most have resolved that the team has too many issues to expect a turnaround in one season, but they certainly need to at least look competitive and win more games than they did in 2014 if Whisenhunt and his crew want to keep their jobs.

The team has struggled to garner talent from the middle rounds, and that will have to change if Ruston Webster hopes to retool this lackluster roster. While we have all been debating about the Marcus Mariotas of the world, little attention has been given to the 2nd and 3rd round selections that the Titans will be making. Who do you see as the best candidates in those spots?