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2015 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper's Top 10 Prospects at Each Position

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper has updated his top 10 prospects at each position (In$ider).  These lists are better than a mock draft because it gives you a lot of information to look at and discuss instead of just another post about the Titans taking either Marcus Mariota or Leonard Williams.  Those posts do lead to fun arguments that go around and around but nothing productive.

There isn't a lot changing on these prospect lists this time of year.  The draft analysts have been watching most of these guys on film for over a year.  The combine can help some guys a little bit, but it should really just confirm what you think you see on tape.

A couple of notes from Kiper's lists:

-Breshad Perriman from UCF has moved up to 4th on the receiver list.  Kiper has him ahead of DeVante Parker now.  That is a bold move.

-The Titans are going to take an offensive tackle in this draft.  The guys after La'el Collins and Brandon Scherff really scare me.  I hope the Titans don't take a guy until the 4th round.

-Kiper needs to get with the times and have an EDGE category.  He has those guys split between defensive end and outside linebacker.  I still love, LOVE Dante Fowler from Florida, but I do understand why they won't take him at #2.