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Tennessee Titans News Links: No Access

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Currently I have no access to the Tennessean's articles, so I would like someone to post in the comments the link to Jim Wyatt's article on QBs. While I respect Jim a great deal, I think that may be the worst article he's ever written. Sure, Phillip Rivers is a great QB. He would make the Titans a legit contender. I'm ok with the article at this point. And then it goes to hell in a hand basket. He says the second best option for the Titans at the QB position is none other than current Eagle and former Ram, Sam Bradford.

WHY? I'm pretty sure Jim and I watched the same team these past two years where Jake Locker couldn't stay healthy. I'm pretty sure he saw Mett get injured this year. I'm also sure he heard Ruston Webster's comments about needing a QB you can be confident in staying healthy for 16 games. So again, I'm not sure why Sam Bradford, not really the poster child for health and consistent playing. He's the Derrick Rose of the NFL without the NFL accolades and apparently he's the second best option the Titans have at QB next year. If that is the case folks, pack it up and go home, because we are hopeless. Thankfully this is not the case.

If I were to rank potential QBs for the Titans next year (and beyond) they would rank 1. Rivers 2. Mariota 3. Mett. And that is as far as the list needs to go. In my rankings, and hopefully Ruston Webster's, Sam Bradford will never come up.

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