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Breaking down Tennessee Titans trade options.

Who could be interest in the #2 pick.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Frank of Delaware Online had a very interesting piece up today about how lucky the Tennessee Titans are to be in the drivers seat of the Marcus Mariota situation.

While he went into great detail, which you can find here, the the most interesting thing he said on the matter to me was this on teams potentially interested in the pick:

"Then there's talk that Cleveland might package its two first-round picks – No. 12 and No. 19 – to get Mariota. Or New Orleans might make a deal from No. 13 in order to draft Drew Brees' successor. Or the Chicago Bears could move up from No. 7 to replace Jay Cutler. Or the Jets from No. 6."

These teams were in addition to the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Diego Chargers which he mentioned previously. I would be really interested to see what a competitive trade offer from the New Orleans Saints looks like. If they were going to contend with the Cleveland Browns the Titans could expect at least this year's first and second round picks and a first next year (because the 31st overall pick isn't worth as much as a future 1st), with possibly more compensation.

The Chicago Bears are another interesting trade partner to me. Not only is this a good way to get a new quarterback, but it may be the best way to sneak Jay Cutler onto another team. After getting no takers earlier in the offseason, it seems like the Bears are going to have to pay someone to take Cutler due to his attitude and salary. The Titans could be looking at another opportunity to grab two first rounders, and a second this year without having to move too far down in the draft. This way, the Titans can get a solid quarterback, find a way to spend their excess cap and grab a blue-chip player here (either a pass rusher or an elite player at his position like Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Vic Beasley, or Brandon Scherff).

Either way, the closer it gets to the draft the more it seems like the Titans are going to do the right thing and trade down to maximize this pick. If they can get a great deal and grab solid players (and a QB that can win like Rivers or to a lesser extent Cutler) this could be a monumental shift in this team's fortunes.