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MCM Live Draft War Room

It's finally here!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the official MCM War Room! It's been a whirlwind lead up to the draft! I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for participating in such a big endeavor. I'd also like to thank my assistant GM/the real GM theycallmejeremy for stepping up to the plate this year.


Rounds 1-3: NOON EDT Today

Rounds 4-7: NOON EDT Sunday

Rules (draft wide):

  1. The first round will be timed at 5 minutes, Rounds 2-4 at 3 minutes, and Rounds 5-7 at 2 minutes.

  2. All trades (pre-draft tampering period) must be approved by Trade Judge. All trades must be within 200 points according to the trade value chart and considered reasonable by the Trade Judge. Any ruling regarding the approval or veto of a trade is final. Trades will not be allowed after the start of Round 4.

  3. Time limits will be strictly enforced and if the limit is passed, the selection will be made off the big board emailed to me by the team representative prior to the draft or in the case that a board isn't provided, a vote will be held by other teams. 2015 and 2016 draft picks can be used. Remember that 2016 picks will be half of the value of the 2015 picks.

  4. The subject line during the draft will be for pick, trade, and time announcements only. This rule will be strictly enforced.

MCM Rules:

1. While I hold the GM title, it's only a figurehead title as I'll be primarily concentrating on being the commissioner. theycallmejeremy is the ruling authority in the war room and his word is final in any situation.

2. There will NOT be a vote this year on any of the Titans' selections. Those in power have the final say.

3. While voting has been dropped, discussions can still be held over any of the picks. Toward this effort, a list of several candidates will be presented for discussion and the results of those will be taken into account.

4. Have fun!

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