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Between The Posts: Critical Evaluation

How do the Titans view their current QB?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have some big decisions to make when the draft arrives later this month. Much has been discussed about a possible (and implausible) trade for San Diego's Phillip Rivers, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, etc. But little has been written about Zach Mettenberger.

The former LSU standout had a solid rookie season in 2014, and while he may not be flashy, the signs are there that he could be a decent NFL QB. From the view of the Mariota fan, its (in my case anyway), more a praise of extraordinary talent that it is an indictment of Mettenberger. The Mettshow displayed some advanced QB tendencies in his first starts as a pro, and while he is not a finished product either, he's certainly got potential. His hosting of off season training only strengthens his case.

Its important to remember that it was analsyst, not the Titans FO who started the "poor man's Brady" moniker. As expected in a position such as theirs, they have actually said almost nothing about Mettenberger since the season ended.

All of what we have to say is irrelevant in the long run. Its going to come down to how the Titans front office actually views Mettenberger. Do they see an answer at QB? Or do they see yet another question mark on a roster with questionable talent across the board? If its the latter, they can hardly afford to pass up the opportunity to take a difference-making QB. If not, they can keep their options open.