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Tennessee Titans News Links: Exactly What You Want

Your daily serving of TItan linkage!

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Mettenberger might not be the QB next season, but he's doing everything you want out of your franchise signal caller. He's organizing workouts with teammates this offseason, trying to get everyone better. I believe Mett can still be really stinking good, so if we took Williams at 2 overall, or found a trade partner further back so we could grab one of those top 3 receivers, I would be all over it.

The Titans could get Phillip Rivers, or maybe they won't. Who knows.

The spring caravan stops have also been announced for the Titans, so take a look and maybe try and make it out to one of the events.

Mel Kiper selects Marcus Mariota for the Titans, Fisher in the 2nd round, and Trey Flowers in the 3rd round. As a fan of all 3 players, I definitely approve of that draft, although now that Kiper has predicted it, it will never happen. I'll believe it when Irvin predicts who we pick.