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Jameis Winston has been sued over the December 2012 sexual assault accusation

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Jameis Winston has been sued over the sexual assault accusation from December of 2012.  This suit has been expected for some time.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans and anyone else that has been vetting Winston for the draft probably already knew this would happen.

It puts Winston and the Buccaneers in an interesting situation.  I am going to talk about this from the football side because this is a football blog.  I would appreciate the comments doing the same because none of us know what happened.  If Winston did what he is being accused of he should be in jail.  The same can be said if this accusation is false, but the bottom line is, we just don't know.

This is going to be a distraction for Winston and whatever team drafts him....presumably the Bucs.  All of the questions they are going to get on draft night are going to be about Winston's off the field issues.  All of the questions Winston gets will be the same.  Reporters will be asking his teammates the same questions the next time they talk.  That just isn't a good way to start as a potential NFL franchise QB.

I really hope the Titans aren't the ones that end up in that situation.