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New Mel Kiper NFL Mock Draft: 3 Rounds for the Titans

Mel Kiper went three rounds deep on his latest 2015 NFL Mock draft.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper has put out a new mock draft today (In$ider) that does three rounds for each team.  Kiper says he did this mock based off of value instead of predicting who he thinks the teams will pick.  I don't really know what the big difference is there, but whatever, Mel.

Kiper has the Titans taking Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon in the first round, Jake Fisher, OT, Arkansas in the second round and Trey Flowers, DE, Arkansas in the third round.  It is interesting to note that Kiper lists the Titans top needs as RT, WR, DE and S.  Quarterback is nowhere on the list, yet he has them taking a quarterback with the first pick.  I don't necessarily disagree with the pick, but I find it odd that QB isn't mentioned.

Here is what Kiper has to say about the picks (speaking as a member of the Titans front office):

I'm drafting Mariota at No. 2 or gathering a huge windfall from some team moving into this slot to get him. It's one of the two. In drafting him, I'm taking a QB with a far greater upside than any player on the current roster. Zach Mettenberger has some talent, but there's a reason he was available a year ago this week at No. 178 overall. Mariota is a far superior talent at the NFL's most important position, he has the work ethic to adapt to any scheme, if we're patient, and I'm banking on my coaches to help him achieve his potential. Their jobs are on the line, too. I shore up a clear need at right tackle with the addition of Fisher as the first pick in Round 2. He's a tremendous athlete, and I like his chance to start right away. I know we added Brian Orakpo in free agency, but Flowers provides some pass-rush upside because Orakpo has missed 24 games over the past three seasons. And Flowers defends the run. It's a deep draft at WR, and we'll get one in the next couple of rounds. I list safety as a (quiet) need only because Michael Griffin never gets hurt, but we're in trouble if that happens.

I wonder how patient the front office/ownership group would be for the Titans if they do draft Mariota. The current ownership group will probably give Ken Whisenhunt all the time in the world, but all bets are off if/when the team is sold.