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Mocking the Draft Live Draft: Open Trade Thread

Is there a blockbuster trade or two on the horizon?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first day of predraft negotiations for the GMs participating in Saturday's Live Draft. The inspiration for this open "tampering/negotiation" period was drawn from the recent addition of NFL's modified free agency schedule. Every team rep has received an email from me about the rules and regulations of the process.  As promised, this is a final gathering point of sorts where all trades can be negotiated and finalized. The trades can be negotiated through email but all offers will be posted in the comments (with the exception of where discretion may be applied).


1. All trades (pre-draft tampering period) must be approved by Trade Judge (torridphenix). All trades must be within 200 points according to the trade value chart and considered reasonable by the Trade Judge. Any ruling regarding the approval or veto of a trade is final.

2. Draft Rights Trades are allowed

3. Any trades involving current NFL players will be evaluated by a case by case basis.

4. 2016 draft picks can be used but the value will be determined by the Trade Czar. Every 2016 first rounder will be worth 1000 points, 2nd worth 420, 3rd worth 190, 4th worth 72, 5th worth 34, 6th worth 20, 7th worth 7.

5. Have fun!