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Jake Fisher 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report; Could He Start at RT for the Titans?

Fisher can move, but does he have enough power to sustain NFL success?

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Offensive tackle




6'6, 300 pounds


Fisher shows very nice movement skills.  He's quick out of his stance and can move either direction with ease.  Fisher possesses a wide, long frame posing a problem for incoming pass rushers.  He's light on his feet, always chopping to stay on balance.  Fisher confirmed his athletic ability at the combine, putting up impressive numbers in all of the movement drills.

Fisher has the length and feet of a left tackle.  He played on the left side this year after playing on the ride side in the previous season.  He's a seasoned blocker with excellent form.  He shows nice hand placement, despite lacking a jolting punch.  Check out the clip below of Fisher playing right tackle.  He allows the rusher to come to him, but gets his hands into his chest quickly.  He locks on nicely and doesn't allow him to move.  This is Fisher at his best.


Fisher doesn't offer much in the form of power.  He lacks a punch, absorbing defenders instead of attacking them.  This causes him to give up too much ground on initial contact.  He stuggles to latch on once engaged.  The rep below shows Fisher's lack of a punch.  He lets the defender come to him instead of attacking, which allows the rusher to shed quickly and force Mariota out of the pocket.

Fisher isn't going to be a mauler in the run game.  He's a guy that can move really well, but doesn't offer that nasty attitude that you want to see in your run blockers.  He is technically sound, but doesn't offer much more than that.  He has decent anchoring ability, but can get overwhelmed by power guys.


Fisher can best be described as a technician.  He lacks a punch and some power, but he has excellent movement ability.  He has plenty of athletic ability and likely has quick enough feet to warrant time at the left tackle spot.  He's decent as a run blocker because of his ability to move, but he needs to hit the weight room and develop his functional strength more.  He's been gifted with the tools, but will need to get stronger in a hurry.  Look for him to come off of the board on day two.

Draft Projection

Round two