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Should the Tennessee Titans trade for Philip Rivers?

There are multiple rumors out there that Philip Rivers is available. If he is, should the Titans make a deal with the Chargers for their star quarterback?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune has written a column that says now is the time for the San Diego Chargers to trade Philip Rivers.  Go read the article because Acee outlines a really good case.  There isn't a lot new there, but Acee does mention in the article that he is hearing the Chargers would not send the Titans the 17th pick in the deal.

I need someone to tell me how to feel here. Acquiring Rivers makes them a better team, maybe even a playoff contender in 2015. You know that, Whiz knows that, and that is why he is probably in Ruston Webster's office everyday begging him to pull the trigger on this deal. Rivers would give Whiz back some of the cache that he lost after last season.  They win some games.  He gets an extension, and we are stuck with him for a very long time.

My only problem here is that it isn't a long-term solution. Now, would I trade a Super Bowl win for a decade like the one that the Titans have just been through? Absolutely, but does Rivers really make them a Super Bowl contender? They are closer, sure, but are they in the same class as the Broncos, Patriots and Ravens with Rivers under center? No.

So that means you are passing on the guy that could possibly lead your franchise for the next decade, or a boatload of draft picks that could improve your overall roster, for a few 10 win seasons.  I just don't think it is worth it.  There isn't enough time to get the rest of this roster where it needs to be before the window would be closed for Rivers.

I really believe the best course for long-term success here is to take Mariota or get a bunch of picks for the #2 pick.  The problem is that Whisenhunt and Webster don't have the long-term to think about.  They have to win now or they will be looking for work.  My guess is that if Webster can get Rivers and a mid-round pick for #2, he will do it....but I hope that he doesn't.