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An NFL mock draft that goes 2 rounds for the Titans

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Our friend Dan Kadar has put out a 2-round mock draft this week.  We will get to the picks for the Tennessee Titans in just a minute, but I have to say that he has Dante Fowler, Jr. going to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the third pick.  That is not a good scenario for the Titans.  Fowler is going to end up being the best EDGE defender in this draft.  Some of you can't see it now, but it will be revealed to you in due time.  I do not want him on another team in this division.

Now we move on to the Titans.  Kadar has the Titans...or somebody...taking Marcus Mariota with the second pick.  This thought is becoming very popular in mock drafts around the internet.  He also has the Titans taking Carl Davis, DT, Iowa with the second pick.  I would love to hear your thoughts on Davis because I don't know anything about him.

Here is what Kadar had to say about the Mariota pick:

It’s starting to feel like Mariota is going to be the second pick in the draft. What’s uncertain, however, is if Tennessee will be making the pick or someone will trade up for it. Cleveland and St. Louis make sense. Tennessee shouldn’t be faulted if it chooses Mariota, however. It would require head coach Ken Whisenhunt to adjust his system, but Mariota’s talent is worth it.

People suggesting Whisenhunt adjust his system will always be funny to me.

Here is what Kadar had to say about the Davis pick:

Passing on Leonard Williams in the first round leaves Tennessee to go after a run stopper in the second round.

The pick based on need makes sense, but the Titans need everything. Is Davis really the best value here?