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Tennessee Titans News Links: Don't Bet On It?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans were 2-14 this past year. Could they turn it around next year? Sure, but they'd most likely need to draft a good QB or trade for one. That is pretty much the only way to have a quick fix in the NFL.

Troy Polamalu was a class guy even though he played for a hated rival like the Steelers. Some Titans remember playing ole Troy.

Former GM of the Titans, Floyd Reese will be on a radio show, where he talks about the Titans and will give them some sort of advice, probably some good and some bad.

Saturday mailbag asks if the Titans should take a WR the second overall pick. I'd hope not, but like Paul, I think if we traded back, grabbing a WR would be a good pick.

ESPN talks about what the Titans should do with the 2nd overall pick. Some of it is very lazy analysis in that Mariota is the "Locker style QB".

In the Sunday twitter mailbag, PK says that Gramsey's dream scenario is very improbable.