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Enough with the Tom Brady, Zach Mettenberger comparison

My thoughts on the recent reports.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So according to a report this morning, The Tennessean's David Climer said that the Tennessee Titans have found their quarterback of the future, at least in the eyes of the coaching staff.

That wasn't all Climer said, he went as far as to say that he believes that the Titans believe they have found the next All-time great (or a version of him):

"In short, Whisenhunt and Webster think they pulled the steal of the 2014 draft. Titans brass see Mettenberger as a poor team’s Tom Brady. He’s the quarterback."

Again this is a quote from Climer, not from anyone in the Titans organization. This may very well be how the Titans coaches feel, but this isn't a direct quote (which is important to remember).

If this is true then great, the Titans can go into the 2015 NFL Draft with a plan to build an offense around Mettenberger. They can trade down with the first pick in the draft with the Cleveland Browns, add Louisville wide receiver Davante Parker at 12 and LSU offensive tackle La'el Collins at 19. Then the Titans can go ahead and add another receiver like Nelson Agholor or Jaelen Strong with the 33rd pick and then grab a good guard prospect like A.J. Cann or Ali Marpet with the 43rd pick from the Browns.

However, it is April which in the NFL means take everything with a grain of salt. Teams consistently put up smokescreens and try to confuse other teams to increase perceived value. Honestly, no one knows what the Tennessee Titans are going to do on draft day. How many people had Taylor Lewan pegged as the Titans pick at 11? How many people saw they taking Kendall Wright above a great value player like David Decastro two years before that.

No one knows what GMs are thinking right now, and even because they think something right now doesn't mean that they will be thinking the same thing in two weeks. Either way, if Climer is right then the fans should be excited that the Titans will have a chance to trade down and build a more complete roster. If he is wrong, then fans should be excited that they have a chance to grab a potentially franchise changing quarterback with the second overall pick. Either way, fans should be excited.