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2015 NFL Draft: Tennessee Titans trade partners

A quick cheat sheet of who is rumored to want to move up to #2.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to talk about anything else with the draft just over two weeks away. The Tennessee Titans need to make the right decision or else it means a new front office and a new coaching staff, and right now it is hard to ignore the possibility of a trade.

According to a recent report by Jason Cole on Bleacher Report's XM Radio, there are seven teams in the mix to move up for Marcus Mariota. Those teams in no order are:

1. Washington Redskins

2. New York Jets

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. San Diego Chargers

5. St. Louis Rams

6. Cleveland Browns

7. Chicago Bears

Cole described these teams as "bidding" for Marcus Mariota, but it should be noted that at least one team is reportedly willing to move up for one of their favorite players. That eighth team is the Oakland Raiders, who are apparently in love with the USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

No matter which team grabs the second overall pick, it sounds like the price gets more expensive every day. If I had to bet on one team that would actually be able to make the move irresistible to the Titans my money would be on the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns missed out on the RG3 trade by a hair, and as bad as that trade has been for Washington, it is hard to say that Cleveland has been any better. With a better offensive line than Washington had, I could also see the Browns telling themselves that history won't repeat itself this time.

On top of all that, really only they and the San Diego Chargers have the pieces to make a trade that will give the Titans the most bang for their buck in year one. Since the Titans brass and coaching staff can't expect any more time than that, it makes sense that they would want to make sure they give themselves the best chance to stay employed.