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2015 NFL Draft: Dream Mock for Tennessee Titans

Can anyone think of a better mock?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Justis Mosqueda just published a 2015 NFL Mock for Bleacher Report, that really would be the answer to the Tennessee Titans prayers in my mind and you can check it out in detail here.

For those that just want the abbreviated version, here is what his 2015 NFL Mock Draft proposes that the Titans do with the second overall pick.

-First, the Titans trade the second overall pick in the draft to the San Diego Chargers for Philip Rivers and their first round pick.

-Then the Chargers draft Marcus Mariota.

-Finally, the Titans draft the talented former Texas Longhorn, Malcom Brown.

Brown would be a fun fit to watch in this new Dick LeBeau scheme. While I would like to see Brown play at his natural position in the middle of the line, Mosqueda has a different idea on how he could be used,

"Tennessee still needs help on the defensive line opposite of Casey, though. If it does pick at the second overall spot, I wouldn't be surprised if it went with Leonard Williams, a 3-4 defensive end from USC. Otherwise, Malcom Brown of Texas is an interesting defender who can do a little bit of everything. With more talent comes more potential flexibility for the team, and that's perfect for Brown, who can play 0-, 1-, 3- and maybe even 5-technique at the next level."

Not only do the Titans land the perfect quarterback for their system (literally, you couldn't ask for a better fit), but they also get another talented defender to add to this revamped team.

The Titans could then use the later rounds to focus on taking a talented pass catcher to pair with Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Delanie Walker and Harry Douglas or they could just continue to draft BPA.

This draft would make the Titans a better team overnight, and it has to be the best possible scenario for Tennessee.