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Between The Posts: Farewell Nate Washington

The Titans saw old faithful sign for their rivals today.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The news broke late today about long time Titans WR Nate Washington joining the divisional rival Houston Texans on a one year $1 million dollar deal. It led me to immediately question why the Titans wouldn't bring him back for anything close to that price. To be honest, I doubt they even made a cursory offer.

But here's why they are wrong.

Over the past five seasons the have lacked for consistency out wide, with Nate being the only constant force. While he was never a game changer, its not long ago he posted 1000 yards, and then almost did it again 2 seasons back. His crisp route running, reliable hands, and enthusiasm for the game were huge assets to the Titans, not to mention his locker room leadership. He was always a cossumate professional and a great guy off the field too.

Many responded to this kind of talk with complaints of his age. But this is still a guy who out up 40 catches last season with no stability at QB. He's also not being asked to be a primary receiver. He also has added value in that he knows the offense. So why then did Tennessee let him walk? It wouldn't be the first questionable move they've made in the past few years.

However, more of my frustration has to be directed at fellow fans who so quickly dismiss a guy who gave so much to the Titans, on and off the field. So when you complain about Harry Douglas in 2015, remember the guy who played his heart out, even lining up injured, to help his team win. There aren't many Nate Washington's in the world, and I was proud to be a fan. Show some class and respect. Tennessee has moved on, obviously. And I don't hate the Harry Douglas signing at all.

Good luck Nate. Titans faithful appreciate everything.