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MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans and Our April Fools Draft

Live tonight at 8:00 CST!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's April Fools Day, and what better to celebrate the day of hoaxes and pranks than by hosting the first MCM Radio Mock Draft of 2015??? We can't think of a better way, so we'll be plowing through the first 33 picks (including the Titans' pick at the top of the 2nd round) of the draft tonight at 8:00 CST!

In other news, I can't be the only Titans fans hoping that all of this QB draft talk is just one big prank...

The Tennessee Titans have been making tons of noise regarding the top two QBs in the 2015 NFL Draft, but just how much of it is a smokescreen? We'll discuss that was well beginning live at 8:00 CST over at Blog Talk Radio. Tune into the live show to join the chat and react to our picks live. You can also download the full show, including the exclusive bonus time, by subscribing to the podcast at iTunes.

Also, help us out by leaving a 5-star review for the show on iTunes. It helps wayward Titans fans find the show the next time they're looking for a podcast fix!

Until then... Did you miss last week's show on 3/26/15? Stream below via BTR:

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