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NFL Mock Draft 2015: The Titans go back to Marcus Mariota

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Titans being at the top of the draft is fun.  Of course the season they had to get there sucked, but it has been fun tracking all of the rumors around this pick.  I think it is even better that the Titans got the second pick after the Buccaneers tanked their last game against the Saints.  Having the first pick in this draft would be pretty boring.

All of that brings us to this week's mock draft from Dan Kadar.  He has gone back to Mariota as the pick for the Titans.  Here are his thoughts:

As we get closer to the draft, the interest in Mariota seems to be intensifying. While there is a difference in interest and curiosity, I’ll assume the former. So many teams are sending so many people to interview and work out Mariota, there has to be a high level of interest there. Because of that, it’s becoming hard to see him get past the second pick in the draft. Whether it’s actually Tennessee making the pick is another story.

It's a good point by Kadar. Whether or not you buy the fact that the Titans are taking Mariota at #2, it does seem increasingly likely that he is the pick for someone there.