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Tennessee Titans News Links: Free Agency Eve

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL free agency period opens tomorrow at 4 pm EST. Suh is rumored to be heading off to the Dolphins, Maxwell to the Eagles, for a ridiculous contract. The Titans are reportedly interested in McCourty and Worilds, it will be interesting to see who else they are interested in. OLBs and secondary players are obviously points of emphasis, and getting McCourty would be a coup if we could get him.

The Titans reportedly had interest in Mark Sanchez before he re-upped with Philly. PK writes why.

We re-signed Brett Kern to a 5 year deal. 5 years, 15 million dollars. I knew I should have learned to punt.

Kern punted 4th most in the NFL last year, we need to do much less of that this upcoming year.

Paul Kuharsky's Friday Twitter Mailbag can be found here. Lots and lots of questions about FA.

Undoubtedly, the Titans are putting hope for sale this offseason. How much of that will be from new FA acquisitions?

How injured were the Titans last year?

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