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Tennessee Titans News Links: Not So Fast

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky says that he doubts the Titans are in the running for Brandon Marshall. I personally hope he is wrong, as he would bring a lot of talent to the position.

We need to see more of Kenneth Adams says Paul Kuharsky. As part of the organization and with MacLachlan gone, it is time for us to see more of the Adams family.

Jim Wyatt says that the Titans need to prioritize getting some edge rushers this offseason. I couldn't agree more, but I cannot get on board with the idea of passing up a vastly superior player in Williams for one of the flawed OLBs in the draft. Get Orakpo, Hughes, or McPhee in free agency and re-sign Morgan (if you don't re-sign Morgan, then you can get Worilds).

Quote of the Day: "What is past is prologue." -William Shakespeare