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Between The Posts: Here We Go Again

Should we buy what the Titans are selling?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With a new league year well under way, the Titans and the rest of the NFL's franchises are on the cusp of the 2015 free agency period. This class of free agents is a pretty impressive one, especially for offensive skill players. The Titans have a ton of cap space, and will likely add to that with some expected cuts.

The free agent window coincides with fan excitement, that the team can cure their ills and come back stronger than the year before. The Titans have been fairly terrible in free agency of late, and their big money contracts have been busts. Delanie Walker stands out as one of the few solid additions to the team over the past few years.

We have already begun the search through the plethora of available talent. So regardless of who you want to see the Tennessee Titans sign, should we buy into the hype again? It may be a pessimistic way to look at things, but loyal Titans fans have been burned by the hype train in the recent past. Is this the year when things turn around for Tennessee?