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NFL Free Agency 2015: Harry Douglas visiting the Titans

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Adam Schefter is reporting that former Atlanta Falcons WR Harry Douglas will visit the Tennessee Titans:

Douglas would be a really good fit for this team.  Nate Washington is unlikely to be back, and Douglas could fit his role nicely, as I wrote last week.  Douglas is not a guy that is going to come in and be a dominant #1, but he would fit nicely in the rotation here.  You could make the argument that he would even be the best receiver on the roster.

I asked Dave Choate from The Falcoholic about Douglas after he was released:

Douglas is a solid wide receiver who can be very productive when he's frequently targeted. He has deceptive speed, he's excellent on the sidelines and he has good hands, but sometimes he struggle in the spotlight a bit and he's not much of a red zone threat at all, with just eight touchdowns in seven years.

If he's your #3 wide receiver, he's a quality player who can be a real asset to a passing game. If you're relying on him to be a #1 or #2 wide receiver, he's probably stretched.

At this point the Titans aren't in any position to be turning down wide receivers.