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NFL Mock Draft 2015: The MCM Community Mock Claim Your Team Post is Coming

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost that time again.   Last year I didn't give a warning post for the claim your team post and some people weren't happy with me.  I am not making that mistake again this year.  This post serves as your official warning that the official MCM Community Mock claim your team post is coming at 2 PM Central time this afternoon.

Here is how it will work: Once the post is live, you will be able to claim the team that for which you want to be the general manager.  The person who claims the team first according to my computer will be awarded the team.  I will respond to you in that thread to let you know the team is yours.

Once all 32 teams have been claimed, I will form an email group and a Google doc so that we can get started on the picks.  You will be given a date and time that your pick is due.  If you do not make your pick in the allotted time, you will be banned from MCM (kidding, maybe).  Don't sign up if you aren't going to check your email or make the pick.  With that being said, I will use the email that you have in your MCM profile.  Please check and make sure it is an email account you still use.

You will have access to the Google doc to see when your pick is due.  If we can work ahead of schedule that would be fantastic, but it will not be required.  My goal this year is to do 2 rounds.  I will re-evaluate where we are after the first round to see if that is a good idea or not.

Good luck!