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Between The Posts: Backup Plans

The Tennessee Titans are doing their homework.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The major NFL news of the day was no doubt the pro day of FSU QB Jameis Winston, whose sound bite in which he proclaims himself the best player in the draft, has been pasted on every sports ticker. Just as they did with Oregon product Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans did their due diligence on Winston. While most expect Winston to go #1 overall to Tampa, the Titans need to know what they would do should the Bucs go in a different direction.

Personally I think Mariota is the superior QB prospect from most angles, and would be pretty upset if the Titans somehow ended up with Winston. If the Buccaneers did pull the upset and take Mariota, which direction should they take? The FSU passer or a defensive game-changer like USC product Leonard Williams?