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NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Eagles will trade Sam Bradford to Browns; Flip that for Marcus Mariota

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I am convinced the Titans are trading the second pick.  I have no #sources to back that up, but it just feels like the way this is going.  Ken Whisenhunt takes any opportunity he gets to gush about Marcus Mariota.  Teams usually stay silent on players that they really like.  The Whiz has gone the exact opposite way here.

Also, Mariota still doesn't fit what Whisenhunt wants, and Whisenhunt changes for no man!  Just look back to last season- Zach Mettenberger was out there with a bum shoulder, no offensive line and no receivers, yet he still had him taking 7-step drops without any extra blockers staying in to help.  That man isn't re-doing his system for anyone.

So that brings me to my not-so crazy/crazy theory.  Chip Kelly wants Mariota.  There is no doubt in my mind about that one.  He now has a tradeable asset in Sam Bradford.  Peter King reported in his MMQB column this week that the Cleveland Browns offered the St. Louis Rams a first round pick for Bradford before he was traded to the Eagles.  The Rams didn't like the deal because they weren't getting a quarterback in return.

Kelly doesn't have to worry about that.  He can send Bradford to the Browns (who are still looking to upgrade the quarterback position according to Mary Kay Cabot) for one of their first round picks and then package his two first round picks to move up to get Mariota.  It will require more picks than that, but not as many as it would if Kelly only had 1 first round pick.  So essentially he will end up trading this year's first and third, probably next year's first and next year's second (to the Rams in the Bradford deal) to get Mariota.  That is still a steep price, but not as steep and what it would take with just the 20th pick in his arsenal.

That would give Webster two firsts and two thirds this year, and two firsts next year.  That is plenty of ammo to rebuild a roster that needs a serious infusion of talent.