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Tennessee Titans News Links: The Board is Set

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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The Titans have pretty much finalized the top of their draft board, meaning that they pretty well know who they are going to select in the draft. As you all know, I love Leonard Williams. He is a top flight prospect, and a great person. But I find myself wanting to select Marcus Mariota, who would represent a dynamic shift and could potentially make us a winning team and a contending team. The value of an elite QB over an elite DT is immense and while I think both will be fantastic players in the NFL, I lean Super Mariota. While I think they are trying to see what they could get in a trade, I do think Whiz and Ruston absolutely love Marcus based on their reviews of him.

Mock Draft Monday by Joe Fann has a lot of picks for Mariota and some for Leonard.

Babineaux gives some pros to drafting Mariota and Williams.

Should the Titans draft Mariota, his new best friend would instantly become Delanie Walker who tells the tale of his journey from JUCO to Central Missouri, to the NFL.

Paul talks about trading out of the 2nd spot in the draft. I'm not a huge fan of this unless you can stay in the top 10, and still yet, I don't love missing on Mariota or Williams.

Dick LeBeau sees room for improvement on the Titans defense. I don't understand. I thought we were fine.

Quote of the Day: "The doer alone learneth." -Friedrich Nietzche