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Breshad Perriman 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Breshad Perriman is oozing with athletic ability. Can that be molded into a stud NFL receiver?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports


Wide Receiver


Central Florida


6'2, 212 pounds


Perriman is an athletic specimen.  He unofficially ran in the 4.2s at his pro day at UCF and that speed translates on the field.  Long speed isn't his only elite trait, either.  He gets up to speed in a blink.  Watch how quickly Perriman gets up to speed in the play below.  He blows by the defender off of the line, gaining separation fairly easily.  He has long, explosive strides that allow him to get behind defenses.

He is quick and decisive when coming off of the line, using head fakes and quick studder steps to gain a clean release.  He doesn't waste a lot of time at the line of scrimmage.  He's still developing as a route runner, but he at least displays the ability to change direction easily.  He has a lot of room to grow in this area.

Perriman was held up in a large way by poor quarterback play.  There were too many examples of Perriman blowing the top off of the coverage only to have the pass fall ten yards short of where it needs to be.  The clip below is one of the best examples that I could find.  Perriman walks by the corner and comes wide open, yet the pass isn't even close.


Perriman's hands are a work in progress.  He's inconsistent at best in this area.  He does a nice job of working to catch the ball away from his body, but doesn't appear to be a natural catching the football.  The occasional drop will be there throughout his career.  There is a lot of upside here due to athletic ability, but there will be some time needed for him to develop as a route runner.  He rounds his routes off at times instead of sticking a foot in the ground and planting.


If you're looking for a guy that can stretch the defense, Perriman is your guy.  He has the length and speed combination to make defensive coordinators account for him at all times.  I think Perriman can develop into a Torrey Smith type player.  The athletic ability is there and he has plenty of room to grow as a route runner.  Perriman fits in the second tier of wide receivers, right behind Cooper, White and Parker.

Draft Projection

Late 1st