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Between The Posts: Bolstering The Trenches

Where do the Titans get some much needed backup?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have yet to fill the void at OT which, to me, is as important as just about any other position on the team. With Other released (as deserved) and the indomidable Roos retired, the Titans are down to last year's rookie standout Taylor Lewan and swing man Byron Stingily. I firmly believe that building from the offensive line is the key to sustained success. Their quality allows the offense to run as intended. While the Titans have made the "unsexy" picks common in the draft over the last few years, and have had relatively little success in retooling the offensive line in general, this should not dissuade then from continuing to invest there.

As evidenced by the paltry results of the Titans running backs  the poor health of the teams signal callers, it is obvious that the line needed to be evaluated with a significant degree of scrutiny. The LG spot also needs some work, with Andy Levitre continuing his inexplicable career collapse. The Titans ignored this need thus far in free agency, so does that indicate some of their draft plans? While taking an OT is out of the question for them at #2 (though that would be a very Titans' thing to do) is the right man there at #33?