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Report: Titans have "Some Interest" In Matt Schaub

Are the Titans really thinking of signing Schaub?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few reports out there that the Titans have "some interest" in Quarterback Matt Schaub. The Titans have been mentioned when it comes to the availability of just about every Quarterback this offseason, and this is no different.

Titans fans should know Matt Schaub pretty well, considering that he was the Houston Texans' Quarterback for a number of years. His downfall has also been very well documented. Schaub was brought into Oakland last season to be the starter but lost the job to Derek Carr before the season even began. He is on the extreme downside of his career, and likely would not even be an upgrade over Charlie Whitehurst.

If the Titans were to sign Matt Schaub--and that is an extremely big if--then it would have massive draft implications. The Titans have said that they are going to add another Quarterback at some point in the off-season. If it were to be Schaub for some inexplicable reason, than it would mean that the Titans are very likely to be full speed ahead with Zach Mettenberger, and would lose basically any leverage that they could possibly have in hopes of a trade.

Odds are that the Titans were thrown in by Matt Schaub's agent. Something very similar happened a few weeks ago with Mark Sanchez. However, if the Titans were to make this move, it would be a big deal.